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Does Resident Priority Really Exist?

Wildlife in British Columbia is supposed to be managed based on the principles of conservation first, First Nations food, social, and ceremonial second, resident hunters third, and non-resident hunters last. The line that separates resident and non-resident hunters has become nothing more than a blurry shade of grey. The Ministry of Environment’s own Wildlife Allocation […]

Response to the David Suzuki Foundation On Halibut

David Suzuki Foundation Press Release

As a coastal resident that uses this resource to feed my family I was floored by the comments made. I could not believe what I read so I called Scott Wallace who’s name is on the bottom of the letter and ask for clarification. I questioned him about how 88% […]

Government Failing BC Hunters

THE MINISTRY of Environment has failed to ethically manage sustainable hunting regulations and policies giving preference to commercial and non-resident interests over that of residents of B.C.

Resident hunters have been prevented from achieving their allocated harvests due to regulations that primarily cater to commercial and non-resident trophy hunting interests.

Commercial hunting guides lobby the […]