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The Garbage Bag Challenge

Tim Roth and Fouru Outerwear are huge sponsors of Resident Priority in BC.
Tims company is based in Kelowna, and all his manufacturing is done in Canada.
Fouru Outerwear is attempting to give back to those that do their part for the outdoors.
The Garbage bag challenge- watch this video and get in on the action today!

B.C.’s top hunting guide for 2015 found guilty of hunting grizzly with bait

The man named B.C.’s top hunting guide for 2015 was months later found guilty of illegally hunting a grizzly with bait.

In March, Martin Thomas was named by the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. (GOABC) as the recipient of the Leland Award, recognizing “guide professionalism,” at the association’s annual general meeting in Kelowna.

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1976-2013 Big Game Harvest Stats

This spreadsheet is pretty big, but it is also pretty easy to use the filters to pare things down to the info you are looking for. A help file is also included.



Letters to the Editor

We have a couple more great letters on the allocation issue. The first letter was contributed by Ed Mankelow, resident hunter and past president of the BCWF:

Re: “Thousands protest B.C. move to allow more foreign hunting,” Jan. 28.

B.C.’s new Wildlife Allocation Policy should be rescinded. It favours foreign (mostly trophy) hunters over resident hunters, most of whom hunt for meat to feed their families.

For a resident hunter, many species fall under the limited-hunting permit system under which one applies for a permit and waits for his application to be drawn. This can be frustrating when one applies year after year and the application is never drawn.

It took 27 years of applying every year before my Vancouver Island elk permit was drawn in 2013. I started applying when I was 54 and got my elk permit at 81. A foreign hunter doesn’t have to apply, as he can use his guide’s allocation.

Under the new allocation policy, resident hunters will lose 13 limited hunting permits to harvest elk, so the odds of drawing a permit will be even less. Those 13 permits will go to the guides.

Even before the new allocation policy, B.C. guide outfitters were getting a larger percentage of available permits for all species than anywhere else in Canada and the U.S. Now they want more at the expense of B.C. hunters.

The issue here is: should foreign trophy hunters be favoured over B.C. residents? If you think that they shouldn’t, then let the B.C. government know, or go to the B.C. Wildlife Federation website and sign the wildlife allocation petition.

Ed Mankelow

Former president, B.C. Wildlife Federation



The second by resident hunter Wade Llugs to Castanet:

BC Resident Hunters – Guardians of Our Most Precious Resource

I urge all BC residents to seek out and understand the real issues facing our great province and the privatization of our wildlife and the lands they live on.  This is not the rant of a hunter, this is a plea to all those who care about our most precious resource to make a stand against the Liberal Government and the Guide Outfitters of BC (GOABC) and tell them that our wildlife is not for sale and never will be.  Here are a few things you should know and I urge Castanet and all who doubt it to do their own research. Continue reading Letters to the Editor

Resident Hunters to Rally in Victoria

Victoria Rally Poster

Resident Hunters of British Columbia:


We are planning a rally March 2, 2015 on the steps of the Legislature in Victoria.

This is your opportunity to make it clear to your politicians that you are not supportive of the recently announced Wildlife Allocation Policy.

Each person attending is requested to bring and hand deliver a letter as part of the rally.

We will also have a petition for everyone to sign demanding that Government revisit this policy and change it.

As has been said before ‘THIS IS OUR HILL TO DIE ON!

We NEED this to be the biggest rally seen YET.

Bring your friends, families and anyone who disagrees with selling off our wildlife!

Resident Hunters Rally in Kelowna

Resident Hunters Rally in Kelowna January 31, 2015