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Sign the BCWF Allocation Split Petition

BCWF has started a petition to urge the Government of B.C. to rescind their recent decision on Wildlife Allocation, which will result in lost hunting opportunities for our province’s resident hunters.

The petition calls on the Government of B.C. to overturn the decision to change the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy, which gives a larger share […]

Some Example Letters and Articles on Allocation

In the News Example letter to the editor:

Dear Minister Steve Thomson and Premier Christy Clark,

Since April 2010 I have been intently following your government’s delay in the implementation of the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy. The significance of April 2010 is when on the floor of the BCWF AGM, I asked and was personally […]

The Honourable Bill Bennett’s Response

Bill Bennett has responded on Facebook to his constituents’ concerns on the new allocation split decision from government:

“Frankly, Steve doesn’t need the votes to get elected and I’m not running again so all the threats don’t mean sh!t to us.”

The Humble But Effective Start to the Resident Priority Movement in BC

BC Resident Action for Mountain Sheep or RAMS was started in the mid 1970’s in Fort St. John by a small number of resident hunters over a concern on the impact by the guide outfitting industry on mountain sheep populations and resident opportunities. Members of the RAMS executive met with elected government officials in Victoria […]

Minister Steve Thomson Makes an Allocation Decision

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 the BCWF received Minister Steve Thomson’s decision on allocation, including “regionally tailored” splits between residents and non-residents. The allocation splits represent a degradation of resident priority with an increased share going to guided hunters in many cases. Your displeasure of this decision must be made loud and clear to your […]