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BCWF concerns re motor vehicle hunting restrictions in MUs 7-40 and 7-41

“We are writing on behalf of the BC Wildlife Federation membership to address concerns regarding a request for motor vehicle hunting prohibition for Management Units 7-40 and 7-41 in the Omineca Region for hunting during the period of August 15th to September 30th. BC Wildlife Federation cannot support this regulation proposal because of the dangerous […]

BCWF withdraws from Provincial Hunting, Regulations and Allocations Advisory Committee (PHRAAC) process

“We must inform you a decision has been made albeit with some regret, that the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) withdraw from participating on the Provincial Hunting, Regulations and Allocations Advisory Committee (PHRAAC). This decision was not easy for the BCWF Wildlife & Allocations Committee but the decision was unanimous. We valued the opportunity to provide […]

A Review of BC’s Limited Entry Hunting System

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation recently released a commissioned document titled A Review of British Columbia’s Limited Entry Hunting System: Examining Resident Hunter Satisfaction and Limited Entry Hunting’s impact upon Recruitment and Retention.

You can download and read the document yourself, but the highlights are:

There has been a big shift from general open seasons […]

Did You Know

The recent promotion that was placed in newspapers across BC by the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) has spawned a lively and emotional discussion on

In January 2009, GOABC presented a paper titled The Guide Outfitter Industry in British Columbia_Challenges and New Opportunities. This paper outlines GOABC’s position on what needs to be […]

Resident Hunters Across the Province Frustrated with BC Government

Volunteers often represent resident anglers’ and hunters’ interests on government-initiated committees. The volunteers acting on your behalf as a resident often do this at large personal expense, both monetary, and in terms of the time commitment. The volunteers who represent resident hunters and anglers are not asking to be paid for their work, but they […]