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Response to the David Suzuki Foundation On Halibut

David Suzuki Foundation Press Release

As a coastal resident that uses this resource to feed my family I was floored by the comments made. I could not believe what I read so I called Scott Wallace who’s name is on the bottom of the letter and ask for clarification. I questioned him about how 88% of the halibut quota was gifted to the commercial fleet with 12% going to the common property owners of this resource, public. I asked why there was opposition from the DS foundation to shift commercial quota back to public to meet their needs. I pointed out that the commercial fleet is unable to sell their entire catch and has tons of halibut in cold storage. I advised him that the commercial fleet catching and killing what they can’t sell is not conservation minded and a waste of a publicly revered and valuable resource. In the end I advised Scott that I was disgusted with his comments and lack of regard to public interest and failure to base input on true conservational merit was lacking and has now tarnished in my opinion the David Suzuki Foundation. He noted that 70% of the sport angling catch is that of the lodges. I questioned if he was a lobbyist for or worked within the commercial halibut fishing fleet as his comments appeared to be in support of the commercial interests and to that of privatizing the halibut fishery.

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