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Coastal First Nations Land Use & Wildlife Management Proposals

January 22, 2010

Coastal First Nations

The Turning Point Initiative

United Kingdom Building

1051 – 409 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC  V6C 1T2

Attention:  Mr. Art Sterritt, Executive Director

Dear Mr. Sterritt,

Re:       Coastal First Nations Land Use & Wildlife Management Proposals

We wish to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and Gary Wouters over the past few weeks to discuss management proposals for the North and Central Coast / Great Bear Rainforest.  As agreed at our meeting on January 15th, we are responding in a timely fashion to the proposal from Coastal First Nations regarding land use management and bear hunting on the North and Central Coasts / Great Bear Rainforest as presented by you and Gary Wouters.

BC Wildlife Federation’s Board of Directors has carefully considered the proposal.  Unfortunately, without sufficient information on what areas would be affected by varying levels of protection or how access and opportunity may be affected, we cannot render an informed decision at this time.  We will require further mapping and harvest data in order to form a position that would be in the best interests of our membership and the residents of BC.  BC Wildlife Federation has requested further information from the provincial government on this matter but has not received it as of this time.

We very much appreciate the opportunity these discussions have brought us.  We have a better understanding of the dynamics surrounding this issue, Coastal First Nations cultural values, government responsibilities, and the interests and culture of non-first nation residents.  It is our sincere desire to work towards resolution of this challenging issue through mutual appreciation of each other’s values.

Again we thank you for the opportunity to meet and we encourage further discussions with you regarding land use planning and shared values.

Yours in conservation,

Mel Arnold, President

BC Wildlife Federation

cc:        BCWF Board of Directors

BCWF Committee Chairs

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