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Example letter to the editor:

Dear Minister Steve Thomson and Premier Christy Clark,

Since April 2010 I have been intently following your government’s delay in the implementation of the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy. The significance of April 2010 is when on the floor of the BCWF AGM, I asked and was personally assured by then Minister Barry Penner, that the policy would be fully implemented in 2012. Years later I’m very disappointed to see that you in your term as Minister have not finalized this implementation as promised.

Without the implementation of the policy, over the course of the past few years the Guide Outfitters Association has lobbied your government and staff to increase allocation for foreign trophy hunters at the expense of resident hunters of BC. I do not agree with selling off our province’s wildlife, a public resource, to approximately 4,000 foreign trophy hunters. All the while approximately 100,000 residents have reduced opportunities and are challenged to provide wild organic meat for their families.

I want to see legislation brought in that the allocation of harvest to be divided between the two parties at 90% for BC residents and 10% for non-resident hunters. This is more than fair as foreign hunters number less than 5% compared to BC residents who hunt. These figures are typical among comparison of other jurisdictions in North America. Furthermore reports show that the economic contribution from resident hunters exponentially exceeds that of the non-resident / guide outfitter industry. Resident hunters pay the overwhelming majority of funding for wildlife conservation in this province; any further reduction to residents would directly impact fish and wildlife conservation as well as the grossly underfunded Fish & Wildlife branch.

The delay in implementing the allocation policy is an example of yet another failed promise on behalf of the Liberal government. This results in a further loss of confidence of the public in your government’s ability to follow through on promises and commitments (where BC citizens/ families are concerned).

This is a very important issue to me and my family that we do not take lightly. If you cannot fully implement the agreed upon policy, with legislated fair harvest splits, I will not be renewing my Liberal party membership and will be casting my vote and supporting the political party who truly represents the people of BC and values fish and wildlife conservation.

In conservation,

Example letter to your MLA:

I am writing this letter in objection to the “Wildlife Allocation Policy” put forward by the Guide-Outfitters Association of BC.

Hunting in British Columbia is the right of all British Columbians and not the selected few. I am not in support of giving any further allocation of my hunting privileges to foreign hunters and their guides.

As my MLA, please take a stand against this unsound proposal and choose to support our diminishing “Local Hunters”.


Best Regards,

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