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Moose Management Inequities In the Kootenay Region

During 1989 and 1990 moose calf recruitment in the Kootenay Region of BC fell to an all-time low and the Fish and Wildlife Branch started to think about putting moose on a Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) draw system

Up until 1990 non-resident interest in Kootenay moose was negligible but about this time the Safari Club […]

A Question Regarding the New Spike/fork Moose Season in the East Kootenay

Moose hunters in the Kootenay’s will have noticed by now that the new spike/fork moose season dates are Sept 20th to Oct 31st in the West Kootenay (where there are 3 guide-outfitters) and Oct 15th to Oct 31st in the East Kootenay (where there are over 30 guide-outfitters).

The proposal to have this hunt has […]

No Bull in the West Kootenay

Management units 4-38 and 4-39 in the West Kootenay have not been included in the immature bull moose season which was recently introduced in Region 4. “

The question resident hunters need an answer to is, “Why?”

All of Region 4 went to Limited Entry Hunting in 1991, eliminating over 80% of resident hunters. Since […]