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GOABC: Economic Viability Paper

Paper presented to the Ministry of Environment by the Guide-Outfitters Association of BC.

The Guide Outfitter Industry in British Columbia_Challenges and New Opportunities

A Summary of the New Provincial Allocation Policies and Procedures

The BC Ministry of Environment defines allocation as:

Allocation is the process by which the available harvest of a particular wildlife population is divided amongst consumptive users, after the rights of First Nations have been considered.

The Ministry of Environment has recently updated its policy on the allocation of wildlife harvests, but it is not […]

Sheep on LEH: GOABC tries to throw resident hunters under the bus

The Guide-outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) has requested that the government put all resident sheep hunting opportunities across the Province on LEH (a draw system) or remove all guide-outfitter quotas. This move could put sheep populations at serious risk or it would throw resident hunters under the bus. Either way this is the latest attack […]