Topics of Interest

A Review of BC’s Limited Entry Hunting System

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation recently released a commissioned document titled A Review of British Columbia’s Limited Entry Hunting System: Examining Resident Hunter Satisfaction and Limited Entry Hunting’s impact upon Recruitment and Retention.

You can download and read the document yourself, but the highlights are:

  • There has been a big shift from general open seasons to LEH for managing wildlife in BC over the past several decades.
  • The majority of BC resident hunters are not happy with the current LEH system.
  • The way that many LEH draws are configured results in under utilization of the annual allowable harvest.
  • The majority of BC resident hunters hunt to spend time with family and friends in the outdoors, and for meat, not for “trophies.”
  • Using LEH as a hunter management tool negatively impacts hunter recruitment significantly.
  • Using LEH as a hunter management tool negatively impacts hunter retention. The more LEH the fewer hunters.

Who We Are?

The BC Resident Angler and Hunter Preservation Fund is a voluntary fund created to actively protect, promote and enhance the interests of British Columbia resident hunters and anglers.

The BC Resident Angler and Hunter Preservation Fund was formed by a group of BC Wildlife Federation members who were frustrated by the lack of progress in restoring resident priority in the provincial allocation policy and the continuing loss of resident angling and hunting opportunity in the province.

Because of the limitations on political activity by the BC Wildlife Federation due to its charitable status, it was decided to manage the fund under the auspices of the BCWF Political Action Alliance, which had initially been formed to politically fight against the federal firearms legislation and is incorporated under the BC Societies act.

The goal of the Fund is to actively and continually lobby the governments of BC and Canada at all levels to ensure that their policies, regulations, and acts recognize non-commercial resident  priority and that their managers implement those procedures as written in every region of the province.

To accomplish this, the BC Resident Angler and Hunter Preservation Fund needs the help of every active resident angler and hunter to lobby politicians and ministry officials to ensure that resident priority policies are followed in all Regions of the province.

The Fund also needs financial assistance in order to hire professional expertise in lobbying, purchase media advertising and counter campaigns by groups that will negatively or adversely impact resident hunting and angling opportunities.

If every hunter and angler in the province  financially supports the fund our lobby would be immensely effective, and would enable us to restore and protect our opportunities for now and the future.