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Have the Tahltan Blockades Impacted Your Hunting Opportunities?

The blockades currently set up by the Tahltan Nation have significantly impacted resident hunter opportunities. We are currently aware of a blockade on the Telegraph Creek Road and one on Highway 37, at the Junction of the Klappan River Road. We also hear that on October 2, an eviction notice was handed to resident hunters on the Jade Boulder Road with a threat of being “locked in.” These actions by the Tahltan have significantly impacted the access for resident hunters who have been forced to forego their Limited Entry Hunt authorization and other hunting opportunities in the areas affected.

We would like to collect your stories, or reports from any hunters who have been negatively impacted by these blockades or any other tactics by the Tahltan Nation that have negatively impacted your legal rights to hunt as a resident of British Columbia.

We specifically want to collect:

  1. Details and information of costs and other aggravations incurred for having to abandon the hunting plan as a result of returning home or moving to another location;
  2. Indication of a loss of a Limited Entry Hunt opportunity;
  3. Information on any acts of vandalism, harassment or any form of intimidation experienced as a result of being a resident hunter in the area;
  4. Documentation of any written orders, notices or postings by the Tahltan that serve to disallow resident hunters access or opportunity (Jade-Boulder Rd Notice);
  5. Any photographs or notes taken on blockades, conversations or other actions by the Tahltan that intended to deny resident hunter access or presence;
  6. And any information regarding reasons or justifications provided by Tahltan representatives for their actions.

If you feel you wish to express your concerns in writing to Ministry officials, use the following addresses:

Hon. Barry Penner – Minister of Environment

PO Box 9047 Stn Prov Govt

Room 112, Parliament Buildings

Victoria, BC

V8W 9E2

Doug Konkin – Deputy Minister of Environment

PO Box 9339 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC

V8W 9M1

Ralph Archibald – Assistant Deputy Minister of Environment

Environmental Stewardship Division

PO Box 9339 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC

V8W 9M1

Tom Ethier – Director, Fish & Wildlife Branch, Ministry of Environment

PO Box 9391

Victoria, BC

V8W 9M8

Please pass this message on as we are trying to gather all the data we can to support possible future action.

Send any information to:

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